Whoopie Ice lactose free ice cream

A team of students and professors from Romania have come up with an award-winning lactose free ice cream formula, perfect for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Whoopie Ice – Ice cream made from lactose free whey concentrate.

Whoopie Ice is the name of the ice cream created by the team of students and professors from the Faculty of Food Sciences and Engineering, part of “Dunarea de Jos” University from Galati and won the golden medal at “Ecotrophelia Europe” competition, this year held in Paris.

The idea was born two years ago and since then the team of students Ana-Georgiana Popa, Alina-Marina Chirila and Adelina Pricope  with the help and guidance from professors Daniela Borda,  Iulia Bleoanca and Florentina Bucur have worked their way through in order to create this healthy and delicious product.

So, congratulations and a round of applause to everyone for putting in the effort into creating this great product which will make lactose intolerant people not crave for ice cream anymore.

The warm welcome back home for the creators of Whoopie Ice.

What makes Whoopie Ice so special?

The best thing about Whoopie Ice is that anyone can enjoy it. And when I say anyone that includes people who suffer from lactose intolerance. Whoopie Ice is made from lactose free whey concentrate, plums and quinces with quince jelly topping, low in sugar, high in fiber which makes it ideal for people who wish to stay on a delicious but healthy and balanced diet.

How much does Whoopie Ice cost?

1 Euro translates into 100 grams of Whoopie Ice lactose free ice cream. Not a lot, taking into consideration that all the packaging and the spoon that comes along with it are biodegradable. I think that 1 Euro for 100 grams of healthy ice cream is next to nothing.

Keep your eyes peeled because it can enter production on a larger scale soon. Share this with your friends, especially with someone who you know might be lactose intolerant.

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