Unique customized Honda. Transparent hood and CO2 purge kit

Check out this unique custom made Honda Civic EF. The hood is made out of Plexiglas which allows you to see through it and admire the awesome engine bay.

Video unveiling the transparent hood of Honda Civic EF:

BlingOnIt, a team of tuned cars enthusiasts from Romania came up with this project idea and managed to win two trophies at 1 Mai Tuning Fest 2017 in Mangalia. Awarded, Best Engine Bay and Best JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) this Honda Civic EF manufactured in 1991 brings something new to the table. Besides the transparent hood which at first sight will make people believe that it is “hood-less”, the car is also equipped with a CO2 purge kit which spices things up even more.  The beauty of it all is that this car was made from scratch to stealing the show in a garage. No major help or interventions from specialized auto services were required to make this car from the 90’s look the way it does.

Honda Civic EF transparent hood car specifications: 200 HP Honda VTEC engine, 1.6 liters gasoline.

Source: ProTV

Recently, the tuned Honda Civic caught the attention of local media. A member from the BlingOnIt staff gave a short interview to a reporter as well as CO2 purge demonstration at Summer Fest 2017 event held in Galati.

Ionut Pintilie: “I’ve made the car in my own garage. From all I know it is unique in the country and the car is winning awards when competing to festivals or events. It’s quite a pricey passion.”

If you wish to find out more, check out BlingOnIt on Facebook – http://facebook.com/blingonit

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