The cellphone that doesn’t need a battery

Zero battery charge will be a thing of the past. This new and simple cellphone developed by researchers at the University of Washington can make and receive calls without having a battery installed. The first battery-free cellphone in the world.

Shyam Gollakota from the University of Washington said, “We’ve built what we believe is the first functioning cell phone that consumes almost zero power”.

“To achieve the really, really low power consumption that you need to run a phone by harvesting energy from the environment, we had to fundamentally rethink how these devices are designed.”

The prototype device is capable of transforming ambient radio waves into power but it also can use the energy produced by the Sun.

The turning point is the analog encryption of voice rather than digital, which other phones use. With this technology, very less power is required for transmitting voice and messages.

The cell phone is entirely made from commercially available parts. The phone’s  keypad is very basic. It contains the digits from 0 to 9 and also the * and # buttons. The device doesn’t have loudspeaker or ear-speaker, so headphones are used instead. Although it looks primitive, just a naked logic board, the device is capable of taking Skype calls.

Image source: Mark Stone/University of Washington

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