Text message that freezes and crashes iOS 10 devices

A new bug has been discovered that seems to affect iPhones and iPads running on iOS 10. You can make someones iPhone or iPad freeze for a good minute or two just by texting them. As soon as the device receives  the text message, it will no longer respond to any command.  Sounds fun, until you become a victim.

Unlike previous iOS bugs, like the video crash bug that requires the user to open something which will ultimately crash the phone, this bug can crash the device without even opening the message.

YouTuber EverythingApplePro has uploaded a video showing the bug in action and walks you through on how to do it yourself.

The bug has two variants:

  1. A text string which contains: a waving white flag emoji, a zero, a rainbow and a hidden character called a variation selector. This can be can be copied into an iMessage conversation and sent to anyone.
  2. The same string of characters, but embedded within a contacts file, which can be shared via iCloud Drive to an iMessage contact.

Both methods will crash an iPhone or iPad to varying degrees depending on it’s Firmware. Some devices will behave differently then others. An interesting remark is that sending the text string via standard iMessage only appears to affect iPhone’s and iPad’s running on iOS 10.1 or below while the contact card affects all versions of iOS 10, including iOS 10.2.

In most cases the device will restart on it’s own but sometimes a hard reset is required. Just hold down the power button and volume down for 10 seconds and release as soon as the Apple logo is displayed. Deleting the text message from the iMessage app is recommended.

iMessage app freezes when you open it ? Here is a solution:

1) Open Safari and go to  vincedes3.com/save.html ;

2) A dialogue box will appear as soon as you have landed on the page ,,Open this page in Messages”. Tap Open ;

3) Messages app will be opened, hopefully no issues will be encountered such as another freeze or crash. Delete the malicious text thread along with the Vincedes text. This should solve the problem and your device will be fine ;

Meanwhile, Android devices do not seem to have any problems when receiving the text message.

Apple refuses to comment on this subject but hopefully the new update will fix this issue.


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