Stealing fingerprints from photos

Exposing your palms in photos can get your fingerprints stolen. Hackers can copy your fingerprints from high resolution photos.

At Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) researchers have discovered that with the help of a high resolution camera and the right amount of light, fingerprints can be easily recreated from photographs taken up to three meters distance without the help of any advance technologies.
Although a simulation showed that the copy fingerprints were not 100% accurate, it is a starting point for hackers to tweak it.
Professor Isao Echizen, security and digital media researcher at the NII, stated in a local paper that: “Just by casually making a peace sign in front of a camera, fingerprints can become widely available.”

Researches are already working on finding a solution for this possible threat and they came up with the biometric jammer. That is a fancy name for transparent film sticker.
Dr Echizen told the Telegraph : “The transparent film with white patterns we have developed can prevent identity theft through fake fingerprints from photographed subjects, but does not interfere with identity verification with fingerprint authentication device.

It is expected that the biometric jammer will be available in approximately 2 years, until then, fingers crossed.

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