Smartify, the art recognition application

Finally an app for art that works like Shazam. Smartify, the art recognition application.

Smartify, the art recognition application!

You’ve probably visited museums when you were younger. Probably, most of the time, you were accompanied by a guide that would walk you through the museum and . Nowadays, we have the internet, so if you ever find yourself wondering around into an art museum and want to know more details about a piece of art, Smartify provides instant access to inspiring art commentary, straight to your smartphone.

Smartify uses advanced image recognition and Augmented Reality (AR) technology which allows the app to scan, identify and save art. It also serves as a personalized, on-the-ground guide to any museum or gallery we partner with.

The main goal here is to help people make meaningful connections with art and to support global visual arts organisations – public and commercial.  Smartify is focused on protecting artist and museum intellectual property and ensure that profits are channelled back to the public institutions.

Maybe one day you will turn your photos into art and Smartify will be there to provide details about the work of art.

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