What is the real price of an iPhone 7?

iphone7_logo_iartcoolThe iPhone 7 was released on September the 7th, 2016 and due to the fact that the Headphone Jack port is no longer
available, proves to be more resistant to water damage.  More specifications about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can be found here. As much as I like the new smartphone released by Apple, it is quite expensive. A 128 GB costs 749 USD, it is the most expensive iPhone of all time. CNN has posted a video entitled ,, How much does it cost to build an iPhone 7? ” and they made a list with all the components and prices for every individual part:


  • iPhone 7 Screen price: 37 USD
  • iPhone 7 Battery price: 4 USD
  • iPhone 7 Cameras price: 26 USD
  • iPhone 7 Mother Board price: 74 USD
  • iPhone 7 Loudspeaker and ear speaker price: 11.50 USD
  • iPhone 7 Case price: 22 USD
  • Other parts (screws, Wi-Fi antena, vibrator, buttons, dock connector etc.): 117.50 USD

Source CNN-Money

How much would it  cost to  assemble your iPhone 7 from scratch vs how much you pay for it in the store?

According to CNN the total cost of all iPhone 7 parts without assembly fee is 292 USD and the retail price  is 749 USD. I however doubt that this information is 100% accurate. Currently the price for an iPhone 4S screen ranges between 10-15 USD, that is almost half of the value of the iPhone 7 screen. iPhone 5 screens cost approximately 25 USD per piece. I find it hard to believe that the iPhone 7 screen is only 10 dollars more expensive considering the fact that it is water resistant.

If you are familiar with smartphone repairs you could simply order parts and assemble your own iPhone 7 from scratch. This will save you 450 dollars if you were to buy the phone from Apple or from a Mobile Carrier.

I believe that in one or two months Chinese factories will start producing decent quality parts for iPhone 7 and send shipments to the big re-sellers. All you need now is a fully functional mother board. But is it worth it ? I hope you are aware that the quality of iPhone parts originating from China aren’t as good as the original ones and besides that, from all I know, you can’t purchase mother boards from Apple. So if you do want to go ahead and assemble your own iPhone 7, make sure you get the mother board first.

But my suggestion is to stand-by and wait until prices go down. As soon as sales begin to drop Apple will gradually lower the price. I estimate that in the summer of 2017 the phone will cost approximately $580. If you save 60 bucks each month you will be able to purchase the phone by the end of June 2017.

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