New ultra-low emission buses in Leeds now offer free Wi-Fi and USB charging on board

The new ultra-low emission buses have arrived in Leeds. One of the largest bus operators in Leeds, First has started to invest in ultra-low emission vehicles, Euro VI. The company has announced that  £71
million will be invested in 284 new ultra-low emission buses for Leeds by the end of 2020.
Martin Hirst, Commercial Director at First Leeds, said: “As one of the major bus operators in the city we understand the vital role we play in helping to find solutions to reduce air pollution and so we’re proud to announce the arrival of the latest ultra-low emission vehicles into Leeds.”
This is great news for the environment. Besides the great environmental benefit that comes along with the new ultra-low emission buses, passengers can now charge their mobile devices on board via 5 Volts USB charging points and free Wi-Fi is also available so that you can surf the internet while traveling.
I had the pleasant surprise when I first hopped on board and saw that the bus is equipped with USB charging points as well as free Wi-Fi. All seats have two sockets with a power output of 5 Volts. Just remember to always have a USB charging cable in your backpack next time you travel.
To sign up to our free Wi-Fi takes only one minute and after the first time, you will automatically connect next time you are traveling.  There is a limit of maximum 50 MB upload and download available free in 24 hours per customer. The connection time allowance is unlimited, however after 120 minutes (2 hours) you will be asked to sign in again. 

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