Is WiFi dangerous to human health?

There are rumors on the internet regarding the potential threat to human health cause by wireless routers. I did a quick search and here is what Google suggests when typing wifi causes

Are these rumors true? Is WiFi bad for our health?

First of all there are no scientific evidence showing how wireless radio signals emitted by routers are responsible for headaches, sleep disorder, cancer or any other disease.
Internet users are searching these terms because some interesting individuals spread these rumors and started growing like weed. The content found on the internet cannot always be trusted mainly because for some website / blog owners, what matters is how much traffic will that content drive towards their page. It’s all about the figures.

According to the World Health Organisation , the only way Radio-frequency affects humans is that it increases the body temperature by approximately 1 °C in environments with high field intensity which can be found in factories, power plants and so on. WiFi routers are to small for this job. Even if you are surrounded by wireless routers, it still would not be enough. In fact the old cathode-ray tube (CRT) TV’s can emit a small amount of X-ray radiations, but still not enough to be considered harmful.
So if CRT TV’s didn’t gave you cancer, you shouldn’t worry about your 5 watts wireless router.

Next time when you read an article clamming “wifi causes cancer” or “wifi causes brain damage”, check for some actual scientific evidence which sustains that claim, and also make sure that the source is trustful.
In conclusion, the short answer is NO, wireless routers are not dangerous to human health. In fact none of your household electronics are hazardous.

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