Get payed to view ads with Brave Browser.

The browser that allows you to put the shield up against annoying ads and trackers. Get payed to view ads with Brave Browser.

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Brave browser

On November the 13th 2019, Brave released the stable version 1.0 of their browser and so far it has more than 9 million users world wide. It was featured in USA Today and Wired magazine.

The folks at Brave use a token called BAT (Basic Attention Token) and what this coin/token serves as, it’s basically a way of repaying users that are willing to view ads. Every time a user views an ad suggested by Brave, you get a small amount of BAT which you can later on add them into a wallet or send to content creators on the internet and support their work. Sound pretty good doesn’t it?

This triggered my interest and I ran a quick search on Google and 1 BAT is equal to $0.20498

So what’s the plan?

Brave’s mission is to fix the web and reinvent how advertising is done. I’m pretty sure that almost everyone is annoyed when they go on YouTube, play a video or listen to some music and have 3 ads playing in a row. If you’re on a computer that’s fine you have Ad Blocker extension for Chrome. But when you’re on your phone you don’t use the browser, you get the YouTube app. Not to mention Smart TV’s, no way around that. And yeah, I know you can get YouTube Red but let’s be real, would you rather pay to not view ads or get payed to view them?

With Brave Shields you can now block data-grabbing ads and trackers.

The vast bulk of websites and ads include software that tries to identify you. They want to track your every move across the web. Brave blocks all this, allowing you to browse freely.

Brave Website

Brave wants to cut off the middleman where a brand or a product would go to an advertiser and pay X amount of money to have ads on shown on their platform, whichever that one may be. Google AdSense and AdWords are the most popular ones.

They know that ads can sometimes be annoying and invading so they’ve implemented a system where user can choose to view ads shown on their browser and get rewards for doing it whist keeping your personal data safe. You can always opt out by toggling it off it the Rewards Settings.

Save battery with Brave Browser Save battery with Brave browse

Another cool thing worth mentioning is that Brave Browser will not drain the battery of your device as fast. Not sure about that statement but I will have to check and run some tests and maybe come back with another post.

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