Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 – The Greatest Showdown of All Time!

Goku vs Jiren – by Maniaxoi DeviantART

It’s almost here! After two long weeks of waiting, it is finally here! The ultimate fight for survival is about to happen! Universe 7’s and Universe 11’s fate will be decided by the outcome of the battle between the two of the greatest warriors that have ever been presented in the Dragon Ball world.

From the previous episode we saw what Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku is capable of. Goku’s power, speed and control surprised all the gods expectations and even the Grand Priest states: “This is quite a super development“.

I think it is quite obvious that Jiren was not fighting at his full power and I think that episode 130 will show us a more aggressive side of Jiren. From the sneak preview we see him shirtless which from the start is a sign that he is going to take quite a hard hit from Goku, most likely an Ultra Instinct Kamehameha.

Where’s Frieza?

I’m not exactly sure what Frieza is up to because throughout the whole Tournament of Power he always had that evil grim on his face which makes us think he has a greater plan and the fact that he had his ass whopped multiple times I think it is part of his plan to make everyone believe he is a weakling. But who knows, we will just have to wait and see. He could be somewhere on the fighting stage badly injured and is hoping that Goku will be able to fight Jiren until the time expires, this way Universe 7 wins the tournament for having more fighters in the ring then Universe 11.

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