DBS Ep 130. What is happening to Goku?

If you haven’t already watched Episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super, then you should probably stop reading now because this article contains spoilers. So, go watch the episode first. Continue reading once you’ve done watching because you will probably be looking for some answers to your questions.


Done? Great! Lets get started.

In episode 130 we clearly see the desperate side of Jiren. After seeing what power Goku has tapped into and that he is no match for him, he starts to behave almost the same as Vegeta. He then thinks of his tragic past which allows him to increase his power even more in order to not let history repeat itself. This makes me believe that in his Universe, there is someone besides the Pride Troopers that Jiren cares about. Could be a anything from a brother / sister, wife, son etc, or maybe not. But this is just a thought. We may never find out more about Jiren, at least not very soon.

A fully powered up Jiren is now able to land a few hits on Goku even in his new silver form. For a moment I thought that Jiren actually defeated Goku after he shot him with an energy blast. However, the fact that Jiren tried to kill Goku’s friends by firing an energy ball towards the spectators triggered Goku.

This is where Jiren took an insane amount of damage and tells Goku that the fight is already over and asks him to knock him off the fighting stage. This is clear evidence that Jiren has accepted his defeat and that him and Universe 11 will be erased. And this is where the unexpected twist happens!

Jiren accepting defeat from Master Ultra Instinct Goku
Goku taking some sort of damage and releasing purple energy.

Something terribly wrong is happening to Goku! It seems that with this new great power that Goku has attained comes a great price. After being so close from knocking off Jiren, Goku falls to his knees almost as if he has been thunderstruck. Some kind of purple energy starts consuming Goku and inflicting damage on his physical body. This is where his hair turns black and almost eliminated from the ring after being hit by Jiren. But surprise, surprise! Freeza pushes Goku on a rock and saves him from falling out of bounds. Finally he showed up. Android 17 is alive as well. That’s good news for Universe 7.

Purple energy? Could it be Hakai energy?

It is hard to draw a conclusion about what is happening to Goku right now.

  1. First and best assumption I can make is that once Goku has mastered Ultra Instinct and started using it, this form acts like Kaio-Ken which means it puts strain on the body. It is very hard to tell since throughout the tournament Goku has been pushing his limits over and over and it may not be just the mastery of Ultra Instinct alone that got him in this position.
  2. Hakai Energy could be consuming his body for reaching a state which only Gods & Angels are suppose to. Because he is just a mortal his body cannot withstand the physical strain of M.U.I. Whis said: “The limit-breaking power of the gods… I didn’t think the toll would be this great.”  Whis had no clue that attaining Ultra Instinct as a mortal can have these consequences, especially Goku’s case which has achieved this in such a short period of time.

These are my two best assumptions that I can think of right now. What do you think is happening to Goku? Please share you thoughts in the comment section below.

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