Coronavirus sports face mask

Under Armour joins the emerging Coronavirus mask market with a new mask that is designed to protect athletes from contracting COVID-19.

As the sports industry is starting to resume I believe Under Armour can potentially make a tidy profit with these masks. Gyms are due to reopen as soon as early July In the UK and social distancing and wearing a mask will most likely be mandatory.

I’ve done some research and found that Reebok which was acquired by Adidas in 2005 also released a similar sports face mask. I’m curious if Nike and Puma are working on releasing a similar product. It would not surprise me if this will soon be adopted as a trend in fashion world wide.

My advice is if you are wearing a masks, please cover your nose and mouth when social distancing cannot be respected and not just have the face mask serve as a chin guard.

The Under Armour sports face mask price is $30 or £23.89. Adidas and Reebok sports face masks costs as little as $12.50 or £.9.96.

Protect yourself, protect others!

George Cristea-Matei

Following different paths towards the road to self-discovery. Always hungry for knowledge and horizon expansion. Tech enthusiast & part-time trader on @eToro .

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