Chrome backspace shortcut key disabled

Backspace to go back Google ChromeAlong with the security fixes and other minor improvements that comes with version 52 of Google Chrome, is the disabled backspace to go back shortcut key.  This feature was very annoying because most of the times users would find themselves going back to the previous page. According to Chromium Code Reviews ,,0.04 percent of page views in Chrome come from a backspace navigation, and 0.005 percent of those views come after a form interaction”. This can happen quite often, especially if you are using a laptop. What I have experienced, most of the time, I would accidentally touch the touchpad with my thumb and if the cursor is not over a text form and I hit the backspace key, Chrome will take me to the previous page. Command-Left key, Alt-Left key are now the new shortcut keys to go back to the previous page. This requires two hands as the keys are pretty far apart one from another which means it is less likely to do it accidentally.  Also Alt-Right key will go forward.

Google Chrome was not the only browser that used backspace as shortcut key to go back to previous page, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and even Safari have this feature enabled. But we all know Google, they do not fear change. Like Winston Churchill said ,,There is nothing wrong with change, if it’s in the right direction.”

Furthermore, Google Chrome v. 52 also allows users to easily access Chrome Cast in the Menu options.

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