Can we delay aging, stay healthy and live longer?


What if I told you that you can delay aging, live longer, avoid illnesses, stay healthy, build muscle and have a good overall quality of life ?

I know it sounds like one of those TV ads that try to persuade you into buying some expensive and non-effective products, but I had to use this so called “strategy” to grab your attention in reading this article. I’m sure that you will find it interesting.

I’ve stumbled upon an interesting interview carried out by Markus Rothkranz from

Dr. Amen-Ra
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This man,  Dr. Nūn Sava-Siva Amen-Ra, in 2013 sets a world record for deadlifting 672 pounds, that’s 4 times his body weight of 176 pounds. It’s amazing, he picks it up like it’s just another day in the park, calm and steady. Click here if you wish to see his performance.

The most fascinating part about this man is that he is a vegan and eats only one hour a day! That’s right, one hour a day, or we can call it one meal a day. At firstI could not believe that this can actually be possible. As I continued watching this video entitled ,,Vegan Strongman Eats ONE Meal a Day!” I started connecting the dots and realized that what this man is saying actually makes sense. He knows his body so well that he developed a lifestyle and regimen (he calls it the Amen-regimen) to suit what his body needs. Please bare in mind that the Amen-regimen is not suited for everyone. If it works for him that doesn’t mean we can all jump into the one hour eating window and expect the same results he obtained. Do not attempt any sudden changes to your diet, and if you do consider starting intermittent fasting,  make sure you get the minimum amount of nutrients your body needs in order function properly.

Make small changes in your life and you will see results on the long -run. You can start by eating only 8 hours a day and fast for 16 hours. Keep your diet clean by avoid fast-food and fizzy drinks. You don’t have to live on vegetables, fruits and nuts all your life, but doing so will have positive impact on your overall health.

When you eat good, nutritional and healthy foods, drink lots of water and avoid waste products, your liver, kidneys and other organs require less energy to carry out their physiological task. In fact these can now focus on producing enzymes instead of cleaning up the garbage resulting from unhealthy meals and habits.

Dr. Amen-Ra explains how glycation contributes to the aging process and by removing or reducing the sugar from our diet, this automatically and independently extends life span and delays the process of aging.

What is glycation?

Glycation is the process where sugar binds to protein rendering them resistant to renewal.  Fat is also known to reduce life span on mammals and other organisms.

Daily exercise reduces stress and extends life span. Living a stressful life plays an important role on our overall health. Start by doing aerobics exercises and cardio in the morning and afternoon followed by weight training in the evening. Weight training will increase testosterone levels.

Besides exercising, resting and meditating are also very important in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

If you found this information interesting then do not hesitate to share with your friends and let them know the benefits of intermittent fasting, eating healthy unprocessed foods and reducing or eliminating sugar from our diet.

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